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About the Parenting with Pride Book

Parenting with Pride Latino Style: How to Help Your Child Cherish Your Cultural Values and Succeed in Today’s World

Written by Carmen Inoa Vazquez, PhD, ABPP
Hardcover and Paperback
Available in English and Spanish


From a distinguished psychologist, mother, and Latina, Parenting with Pride Latino Style offers the first bicultural child-rearing approach for Latino parents. It shows parents how to transmit cultural values proudly to their children.
This groundbreaking book supports families in raising their children with time-honored Hispanic values while incorporating the best that North America has to offer. It is available in hard cover and paperback.
Dr. Vazquez’s unique parenting method, the New Traditionalism (El Nuevo Tradicionalismo), preserves classic Latino ideals, such as pride, family loyalty, and courtesy, while helping parents revise their traditional authoritarian child-rearing style, blending the best of Latino and American cultures and dramatically reducing cultural conflict in the family.
Her seven steps to successful parenting are grounded in the acronym ORGULLO (“pride”):
  • O: Organize your feelings
  • R: Respect your child’s feelings
  • G: Guide and teach your child; do not dictate
  • U: Update your media awareness often
  • L: Love your child for who she or he is
  • L: Listen to your child
  • O: Open the communication channels — and keep them open
Parenting With Pride Latino Style Book
Self-assessments and reflection exercises help parents resolve the dilemmas produced when two cultures combine. Detailed examples show how to use these methods immediately in daily life — from family relationships to children’s friendships to school issues.
Clear, compassionate, and based on Dr. Vazquez’s personal experience as a Latina professional and parent, Parenting with Pride Latino Style is the one book that enables contemporary Latino parents to pass down their rich cultural heritage to their children — and to future generations as well.

Book Reviews

“Though all parents struggle with the difficulties of raising children, Latino parents often face a special set of challenges that revolve around the question of assimilation. Some believe that the only way to make sure their children succeed is to renounce all old customs. Others work to instill their children with a strong sense of cultural identity and tradition.
Vazquez’s position is deceptively straightforward: “If you want a ‘piece of the American pie’ for you and your sons and daughters, you must adjust.” But for her, adjustment is a far cry from renunciation, and she uses her skills as a psychologist and expert in multicultural issues to teach parents how to raise children who are bicultural, able to swim with the sharks but also proud of themselves and their heritage.
The principals of her philosophy are presented using the acronym ORGULLO, which means “pride” in Spanish. Most of them will be familiar to readers of parenting books: listen to your child, keep up with media influences, establish good lines of communication in your family, etc.
But Vazquez (Parenting with Pride) applies these ideas with exceptional sensitivity to old-school Latin American values, showing parents how to ease away from an emphasis on total obedience, for example, without losing their position as their child’s primary guide and role model.
Particularly helpful is her advice on teaching young children to be bilingual (she’s a strong advocate of the one person-one language method). Latinos are now the largest minority group in the United States; for them and for the doctors and teachers who tend to their children, Vasquez’s book is an outstanding addition to the parenting reference shelf.” - Publishers Weekly
“Parenting with Pride–Latino Style is a beautifully written book that is essential reading for Latino families. Dr. Carmen Vazquez has written a valuable guide to parenting in the 21st century. She weaves her vast knowledge, clinical experience and personal history into a very easy-to-read and yet important book for Latino families.” - Harold S. Koplewicz, M.D. Arnold and Debbie Simon Professor of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry; Founder and Director, New York University Child Study Center
“Parenting with Pride – Latino Style is a captivating book that highlights the essential principles of raising a child in today’s society. The author carefully combines her personal experience, knowledge, and wisdom that comes from being a professional and a mother. By reading this book, you’ll learn basic techniques that will help you find a harmonious balance between today’s modernismo and the traditional Latino childrearing customs that are a daily challenge in a multicultural world.” - Rebeca Sosa, Miami-Dade County Commissioner, District 6
“Integrating culture, parenting and child development, Parenting with Pride–Latino Style is a primer for bicultural parenting.” - Jose Szapocznik, PhD, Professor and Director, Center for Family Studies University of Miami School of Medicine

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