Our Humanity is What Binds us All

Private Clinical Psychologist for All Ages and Walks of Life

When it comes to women, cross-cultural and immigrant mental health matters, reach out to Dr. Carmen Inoa Vazquez, PhD, ABPP, for professional help. She is a private clinical psychologist with an office based in New York City. Dr. Vazquez offers various services that cater to the psychological needs of North American children, adolescents, and adults, including:
  • Psychotherapy for Individuals, Families, and Couples (Including Culturally Mixed Marriages)
  • Psychological Examinations for All Ages
    • Children and Adolescents
      • Autism Assessment
      • Developmental and Learning Disabilities Assessment
      • Neuropsychological Evaluations
      • Lead Poisoning Assessment
      • Psychological Examination for Child Custody Claims
    • Adults
      • Neuropsychological Evaluations
      • Mental Health Assessments
      • Consultations About Cultural Issues
  • Grief Consultation
  • Supervision for Mental Health Cultural Services (Gender-Focused Psychology)
  • Court Testimony
  • Assessment in Immigration Matters

How Dr. Vazquez Can Help You

When asked about her psychological services, Dr. Carmen Inoa Vazquez, PhD, ABPP, shares how her knowledge and experience help not only immigrants but also people from different backgrounds:
“Although there are many culturally competent professionals who are also highly qualified to help, I have dedicated my professional life to evaluations, treatment, research, and training. This diverse combination enables me to:
  • Help Latinas gain their voices by becoming aware of the connections between their lives and their gendered, cultural, social and political circumstances
  • Tell which behaviors are normal and functional in the Latino culture and which are not
  • Understand the cultural origins of parenting skills and not automatically see a parent’s concern as over-involvement or intrusiveness
  • Act as a cultural broker to help children/families, couples and other important relationships maintain a balanced cultural position, if needed, understand psychological problems and resolve them.”

Seek Professional Help from a Psychologist

Dr. Vazquez has mainly catered to Latin-American clients since 1979, and she has a vast experience helping people from all walks of life, including native North Americans, Caucasians, people of color, and immigrants from many countries.
You’re never alone. Reach out to Dr. Carmen Inoa Vazquez, PhD, ABPP, for more information about her psychological services.